AV Capture All’s webcasting services are built directly into the recording application software.  There is no need for a separate streaming media server, as is required by other webcasting providers such as Granicus™, to produce a live broadcast.  The software application provides a live broadcast of streaming audio and streaming video. 

A webcast is a media file distributed over the Internet using streaming media technology to distribute a single content source to many simultaneous listeners/viewers. A webcast may either be distributed live or on demand. Essentially, webcasting is “broadcasting” over the Internet.

AV Capture All’s live webcasts enable the viewing of council meetings, board meetings, legislative and executive meetings, courtroom hearings, presentations, business meetings, etc. for those that find it more convenient to view online rather than attend in person. Our software solution offers live broadcasting as an affordable alternative to attending physical public speaking events, expanding the viewing audience to anyone that has an internet connection.


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Starting from $99 / month