Live Streaming

AV Capture All’s Live Streaming refers to meetings that are currently in session and being broadcast over the internet (see Webcasting) in “real time.”  The streaming video is usually delayed by five to twenty seconds depending on internet access speed and player buffering.  Microsoft’s free Silverlight player is used for both PC’s and MAC’s. Pre-published documents (meeting agendas, staff notes, court dockets, etc…) are presented along with the streaming audio and video for a true “Multi-media” experience.

An on-site streaming media server is not required because the recording PC provides the single streaming video and streaming audio feed to our cloud based content delivery network (CDN).  The CDN then scales to meet the webcasting download demand dynamically. This is the most robust and efficient technology available today for streaming live video and audio.

AV Capture All’s streaming services do not require the government agency to set up their own streaming video sites.  As a streaming video provider, AV Capture All handles provides the infrastructure and bandwidth necessary for a large audience to watch video streaming, enabling citizen participation.


No credit card required

Starting from $99 / month