Document Integration

City Council, County Council, and other agenda meetings

AV Capture All’s recording software is much more than a simple audio or audio-video PC based recording application.  Its power lies in the integration of documents associated with a recorded event like city council meetings, county council meetings, or others that follow a meeting agenda and create meeting minutes.

Pre-publishing agendas:

     Prior to a public meeting a new “session” is started in the AV Capture All recording software, the date and time of the meeting is selected, the meeting agenda and related documents (Word or PDF) are imported, and then the session is published.  The meeting agenda and documents becomes a part of our websites searchable database and are available for public viewing.  They are also included in the streaming media that is delivered during a live webcast. 

Importing documents and creating meeting minutes:     

    A meeting minutes template in Microsoft Word format (not a custom notes application like Granicus™ or For the Record [FTR]™, and others) is imported just before the meeting, joining the pre-published meeting agenda and other documents such as staff reports and reference information.

    At the beginning of the meeting the clerk starts the recording software and (automatic live streaming) and then begins synchronizing the meeting minutes by a simple mouse click when each agenda item is addressed.  Links to other documents are also simple to do at the appropriate place in the minutes.


Courts and Judicial Proceedings

Courts typically create or convert their daily court calendar in a Word document and then import it into the AV Capture All recording software.  When each case is called the clerk or judge does single mouse click to synchronize the calendar and recording.


Sync Points:

Once published the complete session with streaming audio and streaming video, along with the documents is available for On-demand streaming (webcasting).  The Silverlight player allows you to find the item of interest in the attached meeting minutes or court calendar and then select the nearest sync point to begin playing back at that point in the recording. (Granicus™ calls this a “jump to”).  Sync Points and attached documents can be edited in post production and then republished without affecting the original recording.


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