Emergency Services Department


Mobile Surveillance Application (MSA)

- Coming Soon...

Mobile Surveillance Application (MSA) was developed to meet the audio/video capture needs of police, fire and rescue vehicles. The MSA recording software allows the end user to record events directly onto the onboard mobile computer terminal. The MSA records two channels of audio, one channel of video and written annotations. The annotations can be inserted during or after the event, and all annotations along with the audio/video are fully searchable.



MSA gives the ability to:



Import a Court Calendar/Docket or create a new Docket



Search any text to view the associated Audio/Video



Insert annotations during the live proceeding



Store & Manage online content easily and securely



Synchronize annotations and Docket items with the Audio/Video



Publish content to the web for public viewing



Locate and retrieve case files easily with powerful search tools



Subscription Price: $99.00/month*          

* Subscription price includes Software, Installation, Training, Updates, Upgrades & Support for duration of subscription term.


AV Capture All’s recording solutions for government agencies are sold through Authorized Partners. Our Partners provide on-site installation, training and product support.  For more information, or to schedule a live demo, please user our Partner Locator to find an Authorized Partner in your area.