Content Services - All Departments


Storage, Management & On-Demand Streaming (SMODS) 

SMODS service allows Customers to store their media content securely on AVCA's cloud servers. All stored content is indexed and searchable, can be fully managed by the Customer through an intuitive interface, and provides On-Demand Streaming capability to the public-at-large. Customers can choose to allow public access or keep their content confidential with encrypted transfer and secure access. The service provides a cost effective way for public agencies to store, manage, and deliver media content to their constituents.




Archival Service is an option that allows Customers to store their media content securely on AVCA's servers, without the Management and On-Demand streaming capabilities included with SMODS. When a Customer's SMODS plan reaches its storage limit, the oldest media (using FIFO) falls into Archive. Archived content is not available to the public. A subscription to Archival allows the customer full access to all Archived content with un-archival capabilities.



LIVE Streaming

LIVE Streaming service allows Customers to stream their media content LIVE to the public during the recording session. All bandwidth for broadcasting the LIVE session is handled by AVCA.




AV Capture All’s recording solutions for government agencies are sold through Authorized Partners. Our Partners provide on-site installation, training and product support.  For more information, or to schedule a live demo, please user our Partner Locator to find an Authorized Partner in your area.