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Capture the public record with Audio/Video & synchronized documents using one innovative software application.

Manage records easily and efficiently with intuitive editing and publishing tools.

Share the public record using powerful searching, browsing, Live & On-Demand Streaming, downloads or physical media.

AV Capture All offers affordable Audio/Video recording solutions to meet the specific requirements of each department within a government agency.  These solutions improve efficiency, transparency, and accountability in government by empowering constituents to easily access valuable information pertaining to their community. 
Through innovative technologies, AV Capture All allows a government agency to effectively Capture, Manage, & Share media content instantly and securely.


Improved Transparency



Seamless Integration

Empower constituents and staff with critical information to improve government communication and public participation.

  Easy ‘out-of-the box’ software implementation integrates with existing infrastructure and audio/video equipment.


Reduced Costs



Increased Efficiencies

Save valuable taxpayer dollars by decreasing the labor cost for public information requests and reducing printed materials.

Automate workflows in government departments to increase staff productivity and save valuable administrative time.


Common Platform



Accessible Information

Standardize on a common platform across departments to gain efficiencies in record management and retention.

24/7 access to public information through intuitive web-based search and retrieval.


Record Retention



Immediate Response

Manage and store audio, video, and electronic documents with searchable and index-able digital archives.   24/7 customer support including onsite installation, training, and product through authorized partners.



Multiple Channel Audio Capture



Multiple Channel Video Capture

Channel separation during playback isolates audio feeds for transcription accuracy. 

  Broader video capture to encompass entire room with multiple cameras.


Embedded Metadata



Single File Storage

Enables annotation, attached agendas, time-stamping, indexing, searching, linking, and other descriptive content tagging.

  Enables single application functionality, eases file management, improves search capability, stores metadata in A/V container.


Enhanced Search & Retrieval



High Compression

Find A/V content quickly & easily.

Enhances A/V quality, reduces bandwidth & storage requirements.


Open Multimedia Application Playback



Streaming Multimedia Capability

No proprietary playback application required.   Near-live broadcast, reduces file-transfer size.


Two-Way Data Transfer




Allows for real-time, two way A/V communication (videoconferencing).   Secures A/V files from unauthorized access


"The Agenda Voting and Judicial Recording applications from AV Capture All are affordable yet powerful solutions that have allowed the City of Yelm to increase citizen's access to their government.  The software provides integration between audio, video, and the documents that accompany the agenda, allowing for unprecedented access to information and the decision making process."
- Grant Beck, Director of Community Development, City of Yelm, WA



AV Capture All’s recording solutions for government agencies are sold through Authorized Partners. Our Partners provide on-site installation, training and product support.  For more information, or to schedule a live demo, please user our Partner Locator to find an Authorized Partner in your area.