Multimedia Solutions For Government Agencies
Increase citizen's access to their government
CAPTURE - record public sessions
MANAGE - sync documents with media
SHARE - publish & stream online

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Starting from $99 / month.
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Simple, Complete, Affordable

Our customers affirm that the AV Capture All solution is the most intuitive, easy-to-use multimedia platform on the market.  A single software application running on a Windows® PC, combined with any off-the-shelf Audio/Video components, provide government agencies with a complete ‘Capture-Manage-Share’ solution.  Capture meetings by recording the Audio & Video;   Manage related documents and synchronize their content to the A/V stream;  Share online with the public and/or internal staff using LIVE & On-Demand streaming.  Packages priced as low as $99/mo.  A  simple, complete solution at an affordable price.

Engage your community

Governments build trust by engaging with their community.   Citizens can now easily find the information that is of interest to them, without burdening agencies with public disclosure requests.  Reliance on traditional media coverage and word-of-mouth is replaced with access to accurate information from the source, and the public can be effectively involved in their local government.  AV Capture All’s technology is not only transforming government processes, it is strengthening the foundations of our democracy.

Government 2.0 ready

Improving efficiency, transparency, and accountability are reasons to implement technologies supporting “Government 2.0.” AV Capture All’s multimedia platform enables agencies to capture meetings, manage content, and share it all online simply and efficiently.  Sessions are published online with a single click, giving the public and government personnel immediate access to information they care about.  AV Capture All solutions make it easy for agencies to achieve their goal of “Open Government.”

“…increase citizen’s access to their government”

“The Agenda Voting and Judicial Recording applications from AV Capture All are affordable yet powerful solutions that have allowed the City of Yelm to increase citizen’s access to their government.  The software provides integration between audio, video, and the documents that accompany the agenda, allowing for unprecedented access to information and the decision making process.”

Grant Beck, City of Yelm, WA